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When's Good for a Windshirt?

rohan windshadow jacket
I noticed this question in the current edition of Country Walking in the Expert Tips section…
When’s Good for a Windshirt?
It’s a good question.
The windshirt is the unsung hero of UK outdoor gear especially for the changeable UK weather during Spring, Summer and Autumn. However it gets little attention in the press.
In the Outdoor Gear Glossary the windshirt is described as
a very simple concept. Put a windproof shell over a base layer, and you will achieve a very high degree of protection and warmth that far outstrips the weight of the garments, assuming the fabric is windproof and breathable.
On Rohantime we have talked about windshirts an important cornerstone of Rohan Kit in the early years
A Schizophrenic Body Wear System for Rohan
I happen to know Chris Townsend is a windshirt fan.

In his own words
“Some people regard a windshirt as an optional extra. I regard one as indispensable” read more
Chris also remembered using the Moving On a classic Rohan windshirt on his PCT trip in the early 1980’s
Rohan on the CDT  and  Rohan – Back to the Future

rohan windshirt moving on

Rohan Moving On photo taken by Paul Howcroft in Harrogate Conference Centre 1982

There are now many more windshirts on the market today. These are the three mentioned in the Country Walking article:
Rohan Windshadow Jacket
Paramo Furera Windproof Smock
Montane Lite – Speed Jacket
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