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Rohan Shops Little British Things Tour

Rohan Shops Little British Things Tour

We have been following Diane Leigh on the ‘little British things Tour‘ as she wandered around Britain in 80 days. She started in Poole to link up with the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute), one of the reason why she is undertook the tour on 13th May 2014 was fundraising for the RNLI. That was 80 days ago. Today she finishes in Poole. Tour complete.
Diane our self professed minimalist nomad kindly agreed to stop the tour at some Rohan Shops on the way. This has given many of us an opportunity to catch up with Diane and find our more about the tour. When the tour stopped at Rohan Kingston, Diane and our Chris spent the afternoon talking about the Rohan Clothing Diane has been wearing for the 80 day tour. This story will be published on Rohantime in the couple of weeks.

“All of us at Rohan would like to say a very big thank you to Diane for choosing Rohan Clothing, her visits to the Rohan Shops and her tremendous fundraising effort for the RNLI. Just goes to show what one person can achieve. A really big thank you to all our customers who supported Diane along the way” – Sarah Howcroft Rohantime

Congratulations Diane – What’s Next?

Below is a  round up of each shop visit and a link to each Rohan Shop story as told by Diane. We have added a selection of the photo’s to the Rohan Gallery. Diane has also updated her own blog along the way. Take a look, she may have visited your town.

80 days…

Tour Map

Rohan Cowbridge – Day 14
Diane visited Rohan Cowbridge not long after opening day.

“It’s now just over two weeks since the start of my little British things Tour at Poole in Dorset. In that time I’ve included five shipping forecast zones: Wight, Portland, Plymouth, Sole and now Lundy. Highlights since Poole have included Dawlish, Saltash, Penzance, the Isles of Scilly, Truro, Weston-super-Mare & now Rohan’s newly opened store Cowbridge, in the Vale of Glamorgan – Lundy”… Read more 

Rohan Knutsford Day 19

Diane Leigh Rohan Knutsford

Why Rohan Knutsford?

“You’d be forgiven for wondering what a coastal tour is doing venturing inland to Knutsford in Cheshire. Well firstly, I’m a wandering & meandering spirit. Plus Rohan Knutsford has been my local store since it opened in 2010, Jo & Craig are now friends of my little British things Tour. But also, Rohan Knutsford is not that far from the sea. The story goes, in the Domesday Book, that King Canute crossed the River Lily on the way to a battle further north in 1017 leading the place to be known as Canute’s Ford, which almost 1000 years later has evolved to Knut’s Ford – Knutsford. Many of us are familiar with the tale of Canute attempting to hold back the tide as he attempted to demonstrate that he was not an almighty God to his followers. Which makes Knutsford rather well-connected with the sea! There’s even a mosaic of King Canute laid into the ground to celebrate this in the town. The story also goes that many people dispute this explanation, but it’s definitely my cuppa tea. It was all part of a fascinating little local package contributed by Team Knutsford”… Read more 

Rohan Southport – Day 21

Diane included some lovely photos of Wayfarer’s Arcade in her update on her day at Rohan Southport. She even enjoyed a tour of the lovely arcade… Read more  

 Rohan Inverness – Half Way 

Diane Leigh Rohan Inverness
Diane included some lovely photos. 44 days into her 80 day Tour. I think it’s safe to say a good day was had by all at Rohan Inverness …  Read more 

Rohan St Andrews – Day 46

Diane Leigh at Rohan-St.-Andrews
Highlights of the day in Rohan St Andrews was the visits by Alison Malcolm, Secretary of St Andrews Lifeboat and David Thomson. Treasurer at Anstruther’s Lifeboat was also welcomed to support the occasion…Read more 

Rohan Beverley – Day 56

A great day at Rohan Beverley with representatives of the local RNLI… Read more 
 Rohan Norwich – Day 58
A  busy day at Rohan Norwich welcoming old friends and new.
The Bard at the Back of the Inns penned the story in verse

Our SALE is going so well I’ve been rushed off my feet,
So I’m keeping this ditty short and sweet.
On Wednesday there’s an event in store,
There’s a raffle with prizes of food, discounts and more.

We’re raising money for the RNLI,
and Diane Leigh is dropping by.
She’s travelling the shoreline of the British Isles,
in just 80 days covering many miles.

She will having exciting tales to tell,
and we still have many great bargains to sell.
So why don’t you drop on by,
save so money and support the RNLI.

The Bard at Back of the Inns…Read more 

Next Stop Rohan WoodbridgDay 60. That’s three-quarters of the way

rohan woodbridge team
“Day 60. That’s three-quarters of the way through my little British things Tour around Britain in 80 days. I trundled down the high street to a sunshine welcome on a dreary weather day from the team at Rohan Woodbridge! Greeted by Karen & Sean who introduced me to Manager Nick & his Team of the Day, Karl & Suzanne. The team certainly looked after me, even serving me tea in a Union Jack mug (I felt like the Queen) to set me up for the fun & fundraising of the day”… Read more 

 Rohan Kingston upon Thames –  Day 66

chris-and-diane Rohan Kingston
Action packed day with members of Teddington RNLI Lifeboat Station and our very own Chris Vandrill… Read more

Rohan Canterbury –  Day 68

“With thunder & sweet anticipation in the air, I arrived to a wonderful warm & friendly welcome from the lovely team at Rohan Canterbury. At Day 68 of 80, this was one of just three special events left to join in the celebration of everyday Britishness, enjoy discounts off those gorgeous new range items just in store & support the RNLI with every ticket for just £1 each”… Read more 
Rohan Chichester –  Day 72
Diane at Rohan Chichester
“Phil, Lucie & Brian who are Team Chichester, welcomed me to their store on yet another hot sunny day of my little British things Tour”… Read more 
Rohan Wimborne –  30th July 2014
Last Rohan Shop stop on the tour was  Rohan Wimborne.
Diane Leigh at Rohan Wimborne.
Visitors met Diane and representatives from the RNLI
Rohan Wimborne Diane Leigh
Tour End RNLI Poole 31 July..,
Please join us in wishing Diane well with whatever is next…
Fundraising continues! It’s definitely not too late to donate.
Diane Leigh – 31st July 2014