Top 10 Posts on Rohantime 2010

2010 Rohantime a year in review

Rohantime year in review

When Rohantime started it was to do many things. I think our Chairman Colin Fisher summed up most of it when he launched Rohantime at the Low Wood Lake District gathering in February 2009. To record the heritage of Rohan, share stories from Rohanist and above all to talk about every aspect of Rohan clothing and kit. 2010 has been the year for storytelling, with feedback and comments from Rohanists all over the world. To all Rohantime contributors a really big thank you for all your fabulous stories and feedback. We promise we are all listening. To everyone who shared their memories of early Rohan a very special thank you. Your early memories are treasured. I am working hard to ensure all this is captured for the new Rohanists that will be reading Rohantime in the years to come. Rohantime has also become the vault of Rohan history.
I have highlighted ten posts that I think sum up the year on Rohantime. I hope you enjoy reading them.
Rohan Hyde the first windshirt1. Rohan Hyde Schizophrenic Body Wear – A Schizophrenic Body Wear System for Rohan. This post received a lot of comment from you on Rohantime and Facebook. The extract from the original text of the 1980 newsletter says it all really….
paul howcroft2. Given the day that’s in it – Paul Howcroft The Original Rohanists. This is the post that remembers the late Paul Howcroft. This year the post was submitted by Jon Boston a veteran Rohanist and colleague.
hand me down3. Hand me down – Or How Long Do you Keep your Rohan garments? This was a poll that asked the question what we do with our Rohan Garments when they are not needed. The answer was we all use them for many years.
rohan trouser fit4. Legs are very important to Rohan – We all talked about the fit of Rohan Trousers. This was a very well read post and your feedback was invaluable. The topic is still being discussed today on the Rohantime Forum
Ed Douglas5. The road less travelled – Ed Douglas real time updates to Rohantime on his exploration of  the Tibetan plateau and a little-known range of mountains some 200km north of the Nepali border.
Rohantime strap line6. A big thank you to everyone! – I asked for strap-line suggestions and you gave them to us to the hundreds. Take a scroll through some of the many suggestions. Guaranteed to raise a smile! Why have we not chosen one – maybe in 2011.
rohan reviews on rohantime7. Rohan Kit Reviews – These have been numerous from all parts of the Rohan Community. This is a very active category on Rohantime. Why not send Rohantime your own Rohan clothing, footwear or luggage review? .
Tim Jasper Rohan Designs8. Kilimanjaro Kitlist – There is no better advice for gear selection for a particular trip than from Rohan’s own Brand Director Tim Jasper. Tim’s own kit list for Kilimanjaro has been very well read. Thank you Tim.
mike parsons rohantime 20109. Mike Parsons talks to Rohantime – Selected from our people and places category. Mike talks about his appointment as Innovator in Residence at Lancaster University. Mike has an encyclopedic knowledge of the UK outdoor industry.
10. Peter Sidwell talks to Rohantime – You may have seen Peter’s Lakes on a Plate Channel 4 TV Series. Peter’s Good Taste Cafe is opposite Rohan Keswick. Ben Evans, owner of Rohan Keswick and Peter work closely together.
John Beatty on RohantimeA special mention goes to John Beatty for his posts on the Birth of a Mountain On the morning of 21st March 2010…molten magma a thousand feet under the glacier was building up pressure and forcing it’s way through fissures in the earth’s crust…
What post do you think should have made the list? Send your suggestions.

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Sarah Howcroft