Tim Jasper – Back to the future…

Tim Jasper Back to the future

Back to the future…

Tim Jasper, Rohan Brand Director looks back at the last year at Rohan and considers what the New Year will bring 2010-2011.
I’m not normally one for looking back. Well, to be more honest I do often have to fight a tendency for nostalgia, because you see my job is largely about spending time in the future.
It’s weird out there, but I’ve kind of got used to it.
It’s only when the future finally becomes the present that at last you get to know whether what you dreamed up works or not!
Last year it actually seemed that – pretty much – it did.
It was a year of rapid action and big plans starting to come to life at Rohan.
There was a strong sense of a coming together.
For instance, we opened shedloads of shops. How many is it now? 60-odd – it’s getting hard to keep up. We’re appearing in parts of the country where we’ve never been before, spreading the word and meeting Rohan wearers old and new.
We’re back on Kensington High Street too after many years’ absence. Come and have a look if you’re in London, because it features our new shop design – I’d be very keen to hear what you think about that.
For me a part of the year was involved in the design and development of two significantly new product areas: a relaunch of Rohan footwear and a brand new luggage and rucksacks range.
It’s been a great pleasure to find so much in common between Rohan and our new footwear partners Brasher, but building a new Rohan footwear range was not as straightforward as you might think. We are all extremely pleased with the results though. Hope you are too.
With the luggage and rucksacks it felt like me and the designers did about 2 years’ work in the 9 months it took from first range plan to the trucks rolling up at the warehouse door… This is the sort of challenge I like. We genuinely think we have something fresh, better and thoroughly Rohan to offer here. We have been thinking about it for years, mind, so what a pleasure to finally get stuck in and make it happen.
What it points to is that if you’re crystal clear about what you want, you work with the best possible people and you push harder than is sensible you can achieve things faster and better than everybody else says you can.
The heart of Rohan is the clothing and more Rohan clothing escaped out of the stockroom and into the hills and mountains last year than ever before.
So something is definitely going in the right direction.
Your Design team will never rest though. I don’t have to tell ’em, they just won’t. It doesn’t matter how many laurels there are starting to clutter up the place.
Next year?
The clothing designs are more or less completed for the whole of 2011.
Fabrics are on order for autumn, the spring launch garments being made as we speak.
Watch out for Sneak Previews coming up here on Rohantime in the New Year for news and early releases. There is some great stuff coming.
There will be a flow through of new designs to augment the new footwear, luggage and rucksack ranges.
And there will be some surprises for you too – completely new types of products, Rohan-designed, in categories that you will never have seen from us before.
And some products that those of you with very good memories will indeed have seen from us before, just now redone in even better ways.
I’ve been at Rohan a long time by now. The pull of all that history naturally makes me look back from time to time.
I can tell you I’ve never known a year as enjoyable as this last one. It seems that what Rohan is all about, how we try to be a cut above the rest, what we are striving for, is ringing a chord with you, our wearers and users.
Thank you for that and for a great year.
With warmest wishes of the season and for a healthy and happy New Year.