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Rohan Original – The One That Started It All…

Rohan Original – The One That Started It All…

rohan salopette
The Rohan Originals collection in Rohan Keswick has developed over the last few years and is now the most comprehensive Rohan Heritage collection in the country.

Each new addition to the collection tells the story of the development of the Rohan range from the start in the early 1970s until the late 1980s.

All this because of Ben and the Rohan Keswick team’s dedication to searching out the items that have now taken their place in the Rohan originals collection.

The garment that started it all – the Salopette, is now centre stage. As you go through the door of the Rohan Keswick shop on Lake Road you will see the display box on the wall with one of the first production Rohan Salopettes, made in Leeds in the early 1970s. There is something even more special about this one. The Salopette has it’s original labels. In pristine, new condition. It’s my guess this one could tell a great story.

My reaction to the find when Ben told me on Facebook…

“Well that’s it. It can’t come any better than that.”

But it has. A few days later a Norfolk Jacket was donated to the collection by somebody very dear to the outdoor industry. That’s another story.

Next time you go through the door, take a moment in front of the one that started it all. 
Sarah Howcroft – Co-founder Rohan

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  1. ReplyPeter Clinch
    That the sloppets are pristine may make their story less interesting than if they were battle-hardened, but it should make for a great addition to the collection. Meanwhile, nobody's making soft shell sloppets aside from some rather ski and bike specific models any more that I can see, pretty tragic as they're insanely great for winter mountaineering. It's hard shell or bust.