First look at the new Rohan Men's Spark Top

rohan men's spark
UPDATE: 1st Review of the Rohan Men’s Spark Top will be published on Friday 3rd January
We will have a series of Sneak Previews of the upcoming Spring 2014 range including some of the real highlights of the range.
There is nowhere better to start than with the Men’s Spark Top
I am often asked what would we all be wearing now if Olfio had developed. On one hand you could use the Bags analogy and maybe we would all still be wearing Olfio as the original design or Mark 11 Olfio, the one with the chest cargo pockets etc. After all Bags are still Bags, one design change in 30 +years. Or you may say Spark.
The new Spark Top shares a lot of what was great in the Olfio, with the addition of up to date fabric technology and ultra-light 40gram Insuloft™. In short a super lightweight, insulated and reversible overhead top designed to offer core warmth before and after activity.
Fabric: 100% polyamide outer and lining with DWR™ and 100% polyester Insuloft™ filling.
Weight: 222g (medium).
Pack Size: 620ml
It looks good, it feels good it my guess it is going to be very good.
The Rohan Shop teams have started to mention it on their Rohantime shop pages. If you get time pop in to your nearest Rohan Shop and share a comment below. Really keen to get your feedback. 

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Sarah Howcroft
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