Memories – Rohantime Launched 2009

Memories – Rohantime Launched 2009 Lauch 2009
On the last weekend of February 2009 we gathered in The Lakes at The Low Wood Hotel, to celebrate Rohan’s 21 years in The Lakes.
In the evening Colin Fisher, launched Rohantime. I don’t think any of us knew what to expect. We hoped Rohantime would become the heart of the Rohan Community, talking about issues important not only to the Rohanists but the wider outdoor and travel community. A lot has happened since then! Did you join us? Please share your memories in the comments below. Colin Fisher Launches
Rohantime has changed over the year. It has developed to accommodate all the varied content from the Rohan community. The energy has come from all the people that use Rohantime.
Thank you all for the wonderful support
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  1. Replycharles ross
    A brilliant achievement that has demonstrated that Rohan is still ahead of the curve; even now other main brands are just starting to realise today's customers want a two-way conversation (the buzz expressions are EduTainment or Return of Involvement) With the clarity of thought behind Rohantime, you know this signature about thinking forward is at the roots of the brand. Well done Colin; well done Sarah! May this just be the first seven years...
  2. ReplyChristeen and Leeanee at Rohan Keswick
    We remember the event well. We were fed and watered at a fantastic location and kept entertained by various guest speakers including David Bellamy and most importantly, Sarah Howcroft! As a store we use Rohantime very often, it is a great way to communicate with our customers by being able to share stories and photos. Thank you to Sarah for always being at the end of a phone/replying to emails.
  3. ReplyTim Jasper
    Indeed I do remember :) Though it now seems a lot longer ago even than 9 actual years!