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Rohan Trentham and Friends do Hadrians Wall

Ian Fraser, Lesley Melville and Stefan Tierney - Rohan Trentham
Ian Fraser, Lesley Melville and Stefan Tierney from Rohan Trentham and friends do Hadrians Wall.
Last year myself and some close friends decided to walk across Hadrians Wall for Douglas Macmillan and as it was so successful we decided to do it again this year! The difference this year though, we were properly kitted up with our Rohan clothing and we knew where we were going this time and didn’t get lost like last year!
My Deputy Leslie and Stefan decided they wanted to come too and after much bribery I managed to convince our Area Manager to let them come and we left the shop closed for the week! (only kidding!)
Our first day started in Newcastle where we walked through Biker Grove and found a Wetherspoons for lunch, (clever them Romans to build a ‘spoons’ on the wall,) a fat all day breakfast later we left for the trek across country to find a Starbucks for our next break!
Although it was very windy most of the week our Gear kept us comfortable even when it was raining, between us we had Atlas, Mountain Leader, Pinnacle III and Elite II jackets and Trailblazers, Stronghold and Escapers trousers all which performed admirably. (So much better than last years jeans and anoraks!)
We never did find that Starbucks but after 86 miles of city walking, farmers fields and mountainous terrain we made to the other side of the country with only a half dozen blisters between us!
All in all it was great fun, tiring for some (Lesley) and we made £300 for Dougie Mac.
Thanks to the walkers  Stef, Les, Matt, Bri, Odge, Liam and our support team Jo and Krystal who made the whole thing so enjoyable.
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  1. ReplyIain@Rohan Inverness
    Nice Ian, hope the weather wasn't all like that day on Red Screes. Looks like you had a good time.