Rohan Review – In search of the best travel pants for men

Rohan Review – In search of the best travel pants for men

Rohan Trailblazers
First review of the year is from Snarky Nomad who has been…

“In search of the best travel pants for men

What my perfect travel pants would be”

“Rohan Fusions, some of the most normal-looking travel pants I’ve found”…

Snarky Nomad Rohan Review – But do you really want jeans for travel anyway?
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  1. ReplyAlan Wenker
    I bought my first Rohan garments based on the Snarky Nomad's blog post. I have the Fusions and the Grand Tour Chinos. Personally I prefer the Grand Tour Chinos over the Fusions simply because I like the heavier fabric of the Grand Tour more than the lighter fabric of the Fusions. The pants themselves are otherwise basically the same. In any event I love your clothes. I bought the Grand Tour Chinos for travel but like them so much I wear them constantly around town. Please make them in a classic black color. I am just back from a Holiday in London was able to visit a Rohan store and I very much enjoyed being able to look at a larger selection of your clothes. I just placed on online order and cannot wait for the package to arrive.
  2. ReplySteve Wood
    I've been buying Rohan kit since the early eighties, and I have to say the best travel (i.e. multi-function) trouser I've ever had are the Escapers. I have 5 pairs. Smart enough to wear for work (as I do all the time!) , light, comfortable and smart enough to wear for a day around town, and enough stretch for a climb over the stile on a country walk! Which is why I'm a bit concerned they're not on the website other than the sale section! Hoping this is just until the spring/summer season!
    • ReplyTeam Rohan@Woodbridge
      Hi Steve, I've just checked. Escapers are expected back in the company in March 2018. They will come in Ink and Taupe. Happy New Year!
  3. ReplyDavid Aldridge
    I've just bought a pair of Dry Frontier trousers for winter walking and mountaineering and it set me to thinking about an equivalent summer weight version. I have been walking the GR5 and Pyreneean High Route and many other long distance routes over the years. I have usually worn zip-off trousers for all these routes as I like the flexibility of having shorts and then zipping on the legs (which are usually folded down inside my socks to save having to take off boots) when it gets a bit cooler. Like many people, I dislike having to don over-trousers when the weather turns wetter, so I think my ideal garment would be to have a lightweight version of the Dry Frontier for summer but with zip off legs. As well as being a great versatile garment it would save the weight of carrying over-trousers in the pack. What about it?