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Rohan Clothing Reviews

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Comments ( 3 )

  1. ReplyJean
    Tian Shirt I am so disappointed that this item, adverised to offer protection from sun and biting insects, has a very wide cut neck which exposes the wearer to.....sun and biting insects all around the neck. This makes this item unfit for purpose in my view. By all means make a pretty shirt for evening wear with a different neck...but not one which is primarily for protection from sun and biting insects. You could say wear a scarf but you do not really want to wear a scarf in warm weather. And the whole point about the material of this shirt is that it is cool....or it would be if you did not have to wear a scarf to protect you from the sun and biting insects!
  2. ReplyRohan
    Hi there Jean, Many thanks for your comment on our Tian Shirt. We’ll ensure this review is sent on to the appropriate teams so that they can consider for future garment design. If you would like further recommendation or to discuss further, please email Kind regards.
  3. ReplyAngela Hague
    Could we have some ladies’ trousers with a looser fit round the hips? The only size 12 I could find in the shop that weren’t too tight were the Dry Roamers which were a perfect fit. Room round the hips but not too big on the waist. We have to get over stiles in them! In my case I like Rohan styling that allows the wear at the computer at work - everyday wear. I often wear them on flights when bloating can be a problem for women. Love my Dry Roamers but they are limited to wet or cold weather walking. I love that Rohan do a short leg length. More trousers in this fit please.