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Rohan Children’s Clothing Range – Rohan Heritage

mille miglia
Many moons ago Rohan produced a comprehensive range of children’s clothing. Functional, hard-wearing, quick drying, easy care fabrics are all fundamental to a carefully thought out range of children’s clothing. So why not use Rohan fabrics? At least that is what we thought, way back in the early 1980s. Looking back now the concept of high specification clothing for children still had a long way to go in the UK.

The first example of junior Rohan was mini or even micro Bags c.1983, which soon became known as Chaps. Exact replicas of their grown up counterparts, even down to the D – ring, double knee and RiRi zips. Chaps proved to be very functional. Their big advantages just like Bags, they dried quickly, were very hard-wearing and above all they looked so cute. Two problems soon became apparent. One was the high skill level needed to make micro Bags. Study the pockets on Rohan Bags – they are not simple and imagine trying to negotiate a large industrial sewing machine in a very small area of fabric. We had the skill level at the manufacturing plants in Leeds, Barnsley, Hull and Telford but the production costs rendered the price of Chaps not a lot less than Bags. Added to this we discovered that whilst Dad and increasingly Mum loved Rohan Clothing, the next generation needed a little more persuasion.

I guess quick drying, windproof, low pack size, secure pockets and last for years did not have a lot of meaning to the under 10s. The Chap’s experience did little to sway us from the path of a Rohan Children’s Clothing Range. In hindsight, it should have done just that.

1930's Alfa Romeo

Airbrush Painting of 1930’s Alfa Romeo by John Wharton on MMGT T Shirt – Sarah Howcroft

TQQ 1985 saw the announcement of the new Children’s range named Mille Miglia and spearheading the range two garments called, guess what, 911/917. Not that anybody was in love with classic cars but by a strange coincidence all the garments in the range had very familiar names that recalled memories of four wheeled classics, 300 SLR, Healey, Cooper, GT, Fulvias and Alpine to name a few.

The complete Mille Miglia range made it’s debut in the 1985 catalogue. A selection of Mille Miglia photos from the 1985 catalogue are now on my Gallery. To read the text please choose the large image option. Within two years Mille Miglia was discontinued.

Sarah Howcroft Co founder Rohan