Review – Eagle Creek's Pack-It™ System

Review – Eagle Creek's Pack-It™ System


Review- The Great Outdoors Magazine Eagle Creek’s Pack-It™ System

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Alex Roddie reviews rucksack organisation options from Eagle Creek

Ever wanted to carry a folded shirt on the trail, or keep smelly socks separated from clean ones? Eagle Creek has you covered – but are their packing cubes overkill for backpackers? We investigate…
When it comes to packing our rucksacks, most backpackers make do with a motley collection of plastic bags and stuffsacks. But is there a place for Pack-It’s more organised approach?…read more

If you’re moving around a lot, staying somewhere different every night, getting your gear organised is essential. Constantly searching through a mound of gear to find what you need is not very cool. Eagle Creek’s Pack-It™ systems save space, save time, protect your kit and help you find what you need – quickly and easily.