Performing Mountains 22nd March – 24th March 2018

Performing Mountains 22nd March  – 24th March 2018

Performing Mountain

Performing Mountains

An international symposium on Mountain Culture
Performance – Papers – Panels – Poetry
 Thursday 22nd March 2018 – Saturday 24th March 2018
School of Performance and Cultural Industries University of Leeds

Performing Mountains Symposium is a two-day event providing a space for climbers, artists, festival programmers, outdoor enthusiasts and academics to join together in exploring the rich terrain of mountain culture. This event examines the role that mountain culture plays in our understanding through our varied translations of mountain environments. More specifically we are asking: what do the arts uniquely offer mountain culture, and what might they contribute in the future? The symposium brings together world leading climbers, theorists, artists and festival programmers to address a range of compelling themes including mountain histories, rituals, architectures, identities, archives, genders, and imaginings. Specialist curated panels explore concepts of Exposure and Translation and we conclude with an industry-focused panel of Mountain Festival organisers and providers: Festival Futures. To celebrate the potential of the live experience, invited commissions include a performance by Lone Twin, film by David Shearing, vertical dance by Kate Lawrence and spoken word by Helen Mort and Yvonne Reddick. Audiences are invited to participate, debate and share in proceedings.
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