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Essential knots for the outdoors

Essential knots for the outdoors

A guide to tying knots for camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and survival

One of the key outdoor skills to have is tying knots – it’s one of those skills that we think is easy to learn until our knots fail. Knowing these knots can save you a lot of headaches and time when camping, hiking, hunting, fishing or even in a survival situation.

Remember the time you went fishing and you lost your hook because you didn’t use the correct knot? Or the time that you set up a trap and your bait got away because the rope wasn’t secured properly? This could all be prevented with the right knots.

Learning to tie the important knots for your outdoor occasion is worth learning. Tom, founder and editor-in-chief at ‘Thrifty Outdoors Man’ has put together this great infographic which can be used to help you practice these knots before you start your outdoor adventures. It features and categorises the knots, so you can focus on the ones that are most important for you and your outdoor pursuit.

This infographic groups the most important knots into categories so you can focus on knots that you think are most important for you.