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Mountain Heritage Trust – Rohan Originals

Mountain Heritage Trust

I am delighted and proud to introduce Rohantime readers to three lovely Rohan heritage stories captured by the Mountain Heritage Trust.

The Mountain Heritage Trust seeks to identify and collect material which documents Britain’s vibrant climbing and mountaineering history… read more

I was alerted to these by Warren McLaren –  Compass: Charting the Evolution of Outdoor Gear
All three stories refer to Rohan Windlord jacket and salopette used by Alex MacIntyre on  the 1977 Changabang expedition.… Read more

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From the Rohantime Archive "Winners not spinners"

From the Rohantime Archive "Winners not spinners"

From the Rohantime Archive. 1st published 28th July 2009

john-traynorBags of flair.

As a whole, the UK outdoor industry has a long record of looking inward and resolutely ignoring societal trends. Despite the pressures of use and abuse on the outdoors, only a handful of companies have demonstrated more that a passing commitment to protecting the environment.… Read more