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New Rohan Goa Tops

The new Rohan Goa Tops have arrived!

Here at Rohan we’ve always loved overhead tops: they’re a purer, more effective solution to upper body wear than jackets. This love affair goes back to the original Moving On top in the early ‘80’s.… Read more

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The 1st Rohan Garment

salopette1Way way back in the early 1970’s a new garment appeared on the UK outdoor clothing market. The garment a high stretch mountaineering salopette,  the company responsible Rohan Designs. The Helanca high stretch salopette was the first of a many ground breaking and innovative outdoor garments that embraced the spirit of early Rohan Designs.… Read more

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Your Rohan Bags

bagswith-pocket1-200x3001Any Changes? – Rohan Bags circa 1980 look very much the same as Rohan Bags fresh off the production line today or do they?
I thought it would be a great exercise to put a pair of Bags circa pre.1980 up against a pair circa 2008 and do a mini comparison.… Read more

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Long Live Pocketry

pocketry-171x3001Pockets have always been a major part of Rohan garment design. Long before Rohan Bags the value of pockets in very early Rohan garments became fundamental to the design of each garment. Each pocket was positioned to maximise function and comfort for the user.… Read more