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From the blogs – Met Office The Mountain Forecasts

From the blogs – Met Office The Mountain Forecasts

Buachaille Etive Mòr
The latest post in our from the blogs series on Rohantime features an article published by the Met Office.

Don’t put yourself in weather danger: check out our updated regional mountain forecasts

Half of people across the UK (49%) now consider themselves ‘outdoor enthusiasts’ according to new research released today by the Met Office. However, many are still getting caught out by the weather, leading to potentially dangerous situations
In total, 58% of people in the UK have been ‘caught out’ by the weather whilst taking part in an outdoor activity – for example, 26% have been soaked due to not having waterproof clothing, whilst 12% have become dangerously cold due to a lack of warm clothing. One in ten (9%) have fallen over due to not wearing suitable footwear whilst an unlucky 2% have been forced to spend a night out in the open due to being unable to get back to a safe location or their home.   .. read more

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