Rohan Keswick Catalogue Display

Rohantime Rohan Keswick Catalogue Display
A lot of you may know that here at Rohan Keswick we have a particular fondness for old Rohan kit. We have many Rohan originals on display in the shop dating back to the early days of Rohan. Included among this display we have a pair of original salopettes from 1975 still with their original tags on – a real piece of Rohan history.
The display generates a lot of interest, discussion and reminiscing with many of our customers both old and new. We often hear stories about old favourites and about some that are still in use. Olfio, Moving On, Striders just some of the garments we hear about again and again.

To complement this we have now put up a display of catalogue covers for every year going way back to 1976. Catalogues have always been an important part of the Rohan story with many customers still eagerly awaiting a copy each season. Of course in the days before the Internet they were a much more important way of showing off our new range each season.
Come and have a look and see how many you can remember! – Scott Rohan Keswick

Rohan Keswick Catalogue Display

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