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Welcome to Rohan Chester from: Manager: Jo Fowler, Caz, Laura, Ami and David.
Shop Address: 8 Bridge Street, Chester CH1 1NQ
Shop Phone Number: 01244 403 220
Shop Opening Times:
Monday 09:30 – 17:30
Tuesday 09:30 – 17:30
Wednesday 09:00 – 17:30
Thursday 09:30 – 17:30
Friday 09:30 – 17:30
Saturday 09:30 – 17:30
Sunday 10:00 – 16:00
Directions to store – Our shop is based around the centre of Chester – ‘The Cross’ which is the pedestrianised junction of Northgate/Watergate/Eastgate and Bridge Streets. We’re just off the Cross on Bridge Street. As you look down the street we’re just four shops down on the right.
If you plan on using one of the many car parks situated around the centre, just head towards the Cross (see above). Parking generally starts around £3 for the day, depending on the length of your visit. There is a ‘Free after Three’ parking scheme with certain car parks if you enter the city after 3 p.m. Information on car parking.
The main bus station is just off Northgate Street (behind the Library), so from there head towards Northgate Street, then turn right down to Eastgate Street and The Cross. This is also where the Park and Ride from Sealand Road stops. If you are on the Upton or Boughton Heath Park and Ride you will be dropped off on Frodsham Street. Turn right off the bus and at the bottom of the road turn right onto Eastgate Street. Go under ‘the Clock’ and head up the street until you reach the Cross. Turn left and we’re there on the right. The Wrexham Park and Ride brings you just off the bottom of Upper Bridge Street, Pepper Street. Turn left off the bus and take the next right up onto Bridge Street (Upper). We’re right at the top on the left hand side.
Finally if you’re coming via train there is a free City bus from the train station which brings you onto Frodsham Street. (Follow Directions for Boughton Heath/Upton Park and Ride.)
Chester is built on a Roman Settlement and it’s features still reflect that base today. With it’s cobbled streets, converted 700 year old rows, Amphitheatre, and crypts Chester is definitely one to visit if you like your history. Don’t worry if not, there are plenty of shops to occupy you. Buildings generally stand at at least three or four storey’s high, some of them with the original date of build still engraved in the structure. The rows, were a way for landlords to get double the rent for the same property.
The 1,000 year old Cathedral is another huge monument to the city’s history books. It houses the ‘finest medieval carvings in Europe’. St John’s is also rich in architectural heritage too with it’s Anglo-Saxon ruins. The Walls which run past the Cathedral are the most complete City Walls in Britain, dating from the Roman occupation 2,000 years ago. They form the boundary/defense of the city where the main gateway is still in place at the top of Northgate Street.
Staff Recommendations – Chester is crammed full of deli’s, cafe’s, gastro pubs, coffee shops and restaurants. For some interesting one’s: For a quick sandwich on the go visit ‘Phil Potts’ (off Watergate Street). Dutton’s’ (off Godstall Lane) and ‘Joseph Benjamin’ (off Northgate Street) are great places if you fancy settling down for your lunch. For a quirky bite to eat/quick drink ‘Oddfellows’ on Lower bridge Street has a table and Chairs on the ceiling, and a moat outside in the courtyard. Just down from our store is ‘The Slug and Lettuce’, a good all-rounder.
If you’re here for the evening head to ‘Alexanders’, a good place to relax and listen to some jazz (off Northgate Street). We can’t leave this without mentioning the famous Grosvenor Hotel, great for it’s Cream teas as well as it’s Michelin start chef.
Local Knowledge –  Chester is full of things to see and do. Apart from the sights mentioned in ‘Architecture’ Chester also houses the Oldest Racecourse in the country – once the site of a massive Roman harbour. Races run from May-September so if you fancy a flutter, or the champagne breakfast that’s associated with it book yourself some tickets.
The River Dee is a nice place for a walk (and a ice cream), and from there you can head up to the Roman Amphitheatre. Traditionally it housed 7,000 spectators enjoying anything from circus’s to Gladiator fights. From here walk up St John’s street (by the aforementioned Church), and turn left back onto Easgate Street. This takes you under the ‘Eastgate Clock’, built to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897. Follow the Street up, catching a glimpse of the Cathedral on your right. Then you will find yourself at the Cross, where if you arrive at noon you won’t struggle to hear the Town Crier proclaiming to all and sundry (May-August).
If you’re spending a day or so in the city you may want to book yourself onto a walking, or bus tour that highlight the sights. There’s the City sightseeing bus, or a traditional Roman tour which will have you being escorted in style. If you’re seeing the evening in you may wish to try the Chester Ghost tour. With Chester’s deep history and heritage, crypts and old buildings it’s no surprise we’re not short of a ghost or two. You can always combine this with a love of chocolate or beer as both ‘Thorntons’ and ‘The Falcon/Bear and Billet’ pub are famous for their hauntings.
Whichever way you look Chester has plenty to offer.

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  1. It’s Christmas time and there’s only 12 shopping days left. Chester is very festive and we have lots of gift ideas for all the family to help you complete that Christmas wish list.

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