2014 Year of the People – Special Moments

2014 has been a year packed with high points.

Most not even on the timetable at the end of 2013. Which goes to prove never under estimate the unexpected.
Very special moments. The year has been all about people, old friends and new. Looking back now the original motivation for Rohantime was all about the Rohan community. This year has been exactly that.
A few high points to end the year…
Peter Habeler delighted festival goers during the Keswick Mountain Festival weekend in May with his warmth, charisma and old fashioned charm. He chose to spend a lot of time with us in Rohan Keswick talking to visitors and the Rohan Keswick team. This was a special weekend for Rohan. There is only one first successful ascent of Everest with out Oxygen, there can never be another one. There can never be another Rohan Windlord Jacket used on that first ascent. Peter returned to Rohan Keswick with the jacket. When he is at home in Austria the jacket is displayed in his shop window in Mayrhofen, Zillertal, Austria along with the other kit used by himself and Reinhold Messner.
Fila Salopette, Rohan Jacket, Kastinger Boots and Stibai Ice Axe.
Peters lecture relived Everest Without Oxygen and how proud we all were to see the big Rohan labels on his Rohan Windlord Jacket and Salopette.
Peter Habeler, Sarah Howcroft and Windlord Jacket
Special Moment – Peter pulled the Windlord Jacket out of his bag. There it was in my hands 36 years after we made it.
Diane Leigh’s trip littleBritishthingsTour embraced much of the fundamental values of Rohan Travel Clothing. Not up any mountain or far flung land, Diane choose a trip on public transport around the UK, meeting people, highlighting the unique nature of the places visited and calling in at a number of Rohan Shops.
Diane Leigh
All in aid of RNLI. Diane reported back on the clothing. We learnt a lot. Catch up with Diane she is guaranteed to make your day
More photos on the Rohan Gallery
diane leigh gift your gear
Special Moment – meeting up with Diane after her trip in Manchester when she donated some of her clothing to Gift Your Gear. Whilst we had communicated via social media on the trip and I picked up her enthusiasm for Rohan, meeting her confirmed her positive and warm character.
Mark Richards
Mark Richards and Terry Abraham. Working with Terry and Mark on the DVD ‘Helveylln with Mark Richard’ has been both a great pleasure and a learning curve. Participating through the crowdfunding days with Indigo and then the preparation, filming and the final end product has been a privalidge

What do you get when you combine a fantastic knowledge of a UK mountain with a hughly creative video maker – ‘Helveylln with Mark Richard’


Special Moment – When  I received my copy of the finished DVD.
Chris Townsend – As soon as I learned that Chis intended to publish his book on his 1985 Pacific Crest Trail trip I knew it had a special meaning for both myself and Rohan. I was right.
Rattlesnakes and Bald Eagles – Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail was published a few weeks ago. It is a great read and has some unique images of Rohan Clothing used by Chris on the trip.
Chris Townsend Rattlesnakes and Bald Eagles – Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail
Special moment – I opened a parcel at the Gift Your Gear depot in Manchester recently. The parcel, from Chris, contained a signed copy of the book for my son. He grew up spending time with Chris during the Airton and early Long Preston Years.
The late Alex Macintyre – John Porters new book : One Day as A Tiger: Alex Macintyre and the Birth of Light and Fast Alpinism
A fantastic account of the progress of British Alpinism, the people, their hopes, struggle and aspirations and a tremendous record of one mans part in it all. It also documents a lot of early Rohan History in the garments – Alex Macintyre One Day As A Tiger
Special Moment – The above photo says it all really.
Review of the New Rohan Spark Top - PJ Clinch
PJ Clinch – Peters reviews, critical appraisal, knowledge of Rohan History and deep understanding of the Rohan core values have all been demonstrated in his contribution to Rohantime during 2014. This has been appreciated by us all at Rohan.
Special Moment – When this review arrived, read it and you will understand why – A Review of Rohan’s Men’s Troggings Trousers
Clare Balding The Dales Way 2014
Clare Balding – To say I was apprehensive on the morning of my walk along The Dales Way with Clare, Lucy and Alice would be an understatement. Added to this the weather was dreadful (tail end of hurricane Bertha). Suffice to say we ended the walk happy and sharing both Dales Way and life stories. Oh and we were all very wet. But that didn’t matter.
Special Moment – All of it. Ramblings BBC Radio 4
Finally all the Rohan Community for their support of Gift Your Gear this year. The generosity has made it possible to equip all these groups. The Rohan Shop teams for their enthusiasm, journalists, bloggers, charity groups, holiday companies and everyone that has help spread the word. It has been the busiest year for Gift Your Gear.
Special Moment – Always when I see the lorries arrive with the Gift Your Gear boxes full of donations at the Manchester depot and the forklifts start to unload I am very humbled.
That’s some of my 2014 special moments. What are yours? 
Sarah Howcroft