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Dan Cruickshank talks to Rohantime

Best known for his infectious enthusiasm, Dan Cruickshank is a TV presenter, art and architectural historian, intrepid traveller and his popular series Around the World in 80 Treasures and Adventures in Architecture. Rohantime interrupted his research at the British Library to find a little bit more about his adventures and travel tips.… Read more

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Soapbox – Underground

Dan Cruickshank Goes Underground

I love to go underground in London. Beneath our feet, as we rush about out daily lives, is another, ancient and seemingly unchanging world. A world that lives, perhaps, more in the imagination than in stark reality, a world that feeds the fancy but which can be, at certain times, offer stunningly powerful portals to the past.… Read more

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My Favourite Building

The building that I really wanted to get to and did finally get to in the end was the Minaret of Jam; this 12th century Persian building in central Afghanistan was only re-discovered by the West in the 1950s.
Utterly abandoned, it looked magical and mysterious, almost impossibly slender and vulnerable, surrounded by the raw and rugged power of nature.… Read more

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Rohan Swinfen Summer Celebration

Rohan Swinfen 4th July Summer Celebration

On Sunday 4th July, the Heart of the Country Shopping Village in Swinfen (nr Lichfield) is celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a Summer Celebration in aid of Have a Heart Charity*. Anthony, Manager of Rohan Swinfen and his team look forward to welcoming you to a fun packed day with lots of exclusive offers and activities within the shopping village, and a fantastic 15% off all Rohan purchases in the shop on the day.Read more