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Calling all Everest climbers

Everest climber

Calling all Everest climbers!

A qualitative exploration of the psychological experience of climbing Mount Everest.
Technique and ability alone do not get you to the top; it is the willpower that is the most important. This willpower you cannot buy with money or be given by rises from your heart’ – Junko Tabei 1975, the first woman to climb Everest.… Read more

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Been there Done that Made the Video

a good days biking
Win a Oregon Scientific ATC9K – Tough enough for any adventure!
The Oregon Scientific ATC9K Sports Camera is specifically designed for outdoor activity enthusiasts who want to capture every moment of their adventures while skiing, climbing, snow-boarding, canoeing, mountain-biking or para gliding.… Read more

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Tim Jasper – Back to the future…

Tim Jasper Back to the future

Back to the future…

Tim Jasper, Rohan Brand Director looks back at the last year at Rohan and considers what the New Year will bring 2010-2011.
I’m not normally one for looking back. Well, to be more honest I do often have to fight a tendency for nostalgia, because you see my job is largely about spending time in the future.… Read more

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Top 10 Posts on Rohantime 2010

2010 Rohantime a year in review

Rohantime year in review

When Rohantime started it was to do many things. I think our Chairman Colin Fisher summed up most of it when he launched Rohantime at the Low Wood Lake District gathering in February 2009. To record the heritage of Rohan, share stories from Rohanist and above all to talk about every aspect of Rohan clothing and kit.… Read more